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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  November 10, 2012 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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>> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 11:00 on your side. >> we have new and disturbing information coming to light in connection with the resignation of david petraeus. >> now the focus is on the alleged mistress and a harassment claim investigated by the fbi. richard, the woman at the center of thisthat is right. she is david petraeus's biographer. she is a 40-year-old army officer with a husband and two children who spent more than a year interviewing him for her book.
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broadwell was sending harassing e-mail's to petraeus's associates including another woman. >> the fbi was investigating her -- his biographer. >> it ended up being difficult for both of us. >> it began after one or more complaints from petraeus's associates. abc news says in the course of their investigation they discovered e-mail. >> it is a tragedy for the nation, a tragedy for the organization, a tragedy for the petraeus family. >> the fbi was initially concerned that security had been breached. but petraeus and broadwell were
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simply having an affair, irresponsible behavior in the view of some subordinates. >> if they found out you were having an affair, they could use that against you. >> sometimes it is sad what people do in their careers and what they do in their lives because of those things. >> sources tell abc news that there was concern among the petraeus's aid in afghanistan about her access to the general. she says it was a mentoring relationship. the commander has publicly praised his wife. >> she is a symbol of the strength of military families are around the globe who waited at home for their loved ones. >> no criminal charges would be filed, but the idea of petraeus resigning was not brought.
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broadwell has not commented on this. live in the satellite center, abc7 news. >> all right richard, and now more details on david petraeus's background. he has received numerous awards for his service including the bronze star. from 2008 until 2010, he served as the commander of the united states central command. he succeeded leon panetta as the director of the cia last year. >> president obama accepted his resignation, but he did have good news today. that is because the final tally of the 2012 presidential election has been finalized. it shows that the president did win florida over mitt romney, a 50% to 49%. that gives some 332 electoral votes to romney felt 206.
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-- romney's 206. >> two women were assaulted and robbed not only of their phones, but also of their coats. people living in this neighborhood said they had no idea about this. >> they did not know until our news crew showed up on the street asking questions. and this was a very violent assault. they never flashed a weapon, but they threatened to shoot the women if they did not cooperate. >> it is 48 st. nw, just before 1:00 saturday morning. two women were walking down the street when two vehicles rolled up alongside the. both women were sexually assaulted, then robbed of their coats and cell phone as. >> you know, my neighborhood is real cool, you know? the neighbors get along.
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everybody is real cool. >> it is stunning news in what neighbors say is as a community not far from the metro. there are children, teenagers and women who walk home at night. >> i am scared. i am concerned about the whole situation. >> no one has notified us of anything, and i think that should have definitely have been done. i think that would be high priority. >> we spotted police cars in and around the neighborhood, which makes what happened even more puzzling. >> you would think that something like that would not have been. >> we are told one of the vehicles was read and each had four black men -- one of the vehicles was red and each had
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four black men inside. if you get any information your us to contact d.c. police. >> according to d.c. police, a woman was attacked by four pit bulls in sutter home. while her injuries were not life-threatening, she was taken to the hospital. animal control was also called. no words and whether the animals were taken away. this happened in marlow heights this afternoon. a pedestrian was attempting to cross the avenue when he was hit. the pedestrian died at the scene. a motorcyclist died later. police have not released the name of the victim yet. >> a woman in a d.c. police station took her life while in custody. she was pronounced dead at around 8:30 last night.
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police will only say the in -- the incident is under investigation. >> a bus driver was off duty when he was hit by a stray bullet around 9:00 last night. a group of juveniles were fighting across the street when the gun went off. we're told the driver's injuries are not life threatening. i'm sure a lot of people were out and about enjoying this milder weather tonight. >> yes. of beautiful weekend. >> for many, it is an extended long vacation, because of veterans day is a long holiday. 42 at dulles, 42 at reagan national. looking at our wake up weather the sun will come up just around 6:47.
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looks for -- look for lots of sunshine. and there's a rapid warming up during the morning and afternoon hours. many areas will touch the 70- degree mark. this question -- how long can it last? we will have more in the seven- day outlook coming up in just a few minutes. >> if it is not too cold outside, food trucks can be a nice option for grabbing lunch. but the dots vdot is looking at regulations. vendors say the proposed rules are vague. >> it leaves too much power, too much discretion to the department of transportation. >> no matter who you are what you represent, people will not be happy. >> the city is still accepting comments on the proposed rule.
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the council will ultimately decide whether a changes made. meantime, a food truck owners are circulating a petition to the rules written. >> why some new york lawmakers are pointing the finger after superstorm sandy. >> and this man wanted to help the
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>> you are watching abc7 news at 11:00, on your side. >> two strong earthquake striking on different continents tonight. as six. -- a six. earthquake hit myanmar. another earthquake hits kentucky and rattle seven nearby states. >> and people hit hard by sandy
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say they are tired of waiting for the power companies. they say they have been without power since the storm hit. many are wondering why there was no plan in place since the storm was predicted. officials with the power company on long island say customers could get power back on by tomorrow night. in the meantime, there have been cases prepared with food and clothing. >> it started with the facebook post. but that simple post as turned into something much more. >> his home town in new jersey now looks like something he has only seen during his four tours of duty in afghanistan. >> the devastation and what was going on there -- it actually looked like a war zone. i have seen what a war zone looks like and it is very hard
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to see my home town look that way. >> so he started a donation drive where he now lives in maryland. at 12 pick-up points in three counties in southern maryland donations were collected for one mass shipment. >> they need warm coats children's clothing, i just cannot imagine not having these things. they collected some much that two 50-foot tractor trailers were also donated just to get everything to new jersey. these trucks will be packed solid with supplies, things like baby food, loaded into the struck. the doors will be opened in communities that need them the most. >> ultimately without having a big organization accept these and maybe just put it in storage somewhere, we want to see it go to the people who truly need it. >> for many across the
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community, it hits close to home. >> it could have easily been us. 200 miles south, it would have been us. this is our way of saying sorry this happened to you, but we are here to help out any way we can. >> they are going to smile and say thank you, and i know it will not solve the problem, but it least will help them a little bit. >> abc7 news. >> alright. sunnier days ahead. not as cool as we have seen for the last week. >>
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>> hundreds of people turned out tonight for a special gala to raise money for the women's center. for nearly 30 years the group has worked to improve the lives of women in the district and our own -- there she is, maureen bunyan. >> she is looking beautiful. >> is always nice to get dressed
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up and not have to put on our coats and gloves. we have nice weather for the remainder of the holiday weekend and tomorrow actually looks awesome. looking out tomorrow, not a cloud in the sky. wins out of the northeast at 5 miles per hour. we will cool down even more as we had through the early morning. 76 -- that is our record set back in 1999. at least we were not below average beeping the warmest day we have had for about two weeks. children's hospital -- 40 degrees after a high of 64. alexandria 42 degrees. our final stop on the weather but network -- -- weatherbug network. frederick, we're looking at 44
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in fredericksburg. plenty of mild air out there. temperatures in the 60's for detroit, chicago -- actually detroit in the 50's. this is our big weather maker cold front as we move into tuesday, bringing rain and cooler temperatures. already this is in parts of the dakotas. we are not looking for snow in our area. we will have lots of sunshine. doppler radar quiet and drive this evening and our temperatures are going to fall another five, 10 degrees and a nice warm up as we had through the early morning hours. i think our futurecast underestimates. i am calling for 72 degrees. look at this. look for a foggy and cool day on tuesday. temperatures only in the 50's.
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mainly clear and cold for tonight. as we move through the day tomorrow looks wonderful. upper 60's, lower 70's. your extended outlook shows temperatures cooling down dramatically. once that cold front goes through, cooler temperatures wednesday and thursday, upper 40's to lower 50's 4 daytime highs. veterans day looks absolutely great, which means monday looks even better. take a look at this. our chief meteorologist doug hill was at the 24th avenue harvest -- 24th annual harvest ball this evening. this year the ball was to recognize the work of the late dr. sheldon goldberger. he had a lot of efforts dedicated to breast cancer research. >> fancy pants.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> maryland had a tough act in south carolina against clemson. and three of fumbles in petty's second start for the terps. he is hit pretty hard. he is trying to buy time.
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they recovered. 16-yard touchdown for clemson and it rolls down help ford -- from their. down the sideline. clemson wins big 45-10. you va versus at the university of miami. fourth quarter -- it throws the ball away. they rally. six minutes to go in the game. i do not know how, but uva saved it in the last seconds. and alabama -- messes up, they lose 41 to 31. this is what i really wanted to go to. texas a&m alabama. last chance for a gold.
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interception. alabama's perfect season is ruined. 29224. -- 29-24. louisiana was up, but florida saves it with a punt and florida avoids the upset and wins by 7. they have been racking up, but it has not been enough. would they get it right against the panthers? they had that lead in the fourth quarter. bradley goes for the three and nails that. 20 seconds to go down by two. jordan crawford -- no it comes up short. the wizards lose 89 to 85.
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thanks to sandy d.c. united has to swap dates. they will play. if the wind against new york is any indication, they are tough and willing to win. puts it away. three minutes to go in the game. united will be without starters, who were both suspended. i thought you would enjoy that a little more. all right, phil jackson may come back to the los angeles lakers as head coach. he is asking for travel restrictions and more say in basketball decisions. >> -- [indiscernible] a data would throw that out there. >> all right. >> is the middle of november, and already the balloons are op. >> why these when we switched to
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fios, we got better tv, better phone better internet. it was like somebody like took our computer, shook all the junk out of it. we're actually getting more for our money with f fios.


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